Innovative revenue models in technology are the stuff of modern miracle. They can also be the stuff of headache in IFRS reporting.

Artificial intelligence will be by far the biggest driver behind all future growth and challenges for technology companies in every segment – computer and networking, semiconductors, software, hardware and internet services.

Each of them has specific product and service offerings and faces various accounting issues that we can help with. The most challenging ones are a result of the new revenue standard IFRS 15 — Revenue from Contracts with Customers.

We work with technology companies to insure their accounting and reporting is up to IFRS and local GAAP standards. 

  • Specifically, we can review your distinct sales arrangements and provide new patterns documenting how to allocate consideration among separate performance obligations and when to recognize revenue. Our review will ensure that revenue recognition for each separate arrangement is consistent with the substance of the arrangement, and not just based on the form.

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We help the tech companies with accounting and reporting services such as:

Preparation of financial statements under IFRS and/or local GAAP 

More than 30 jurisdictions across Europe require IFRS standards for listed financial institutions or public interest entities (PIEs). Others are on the path to either full acceptance or – at the very least – dual compliance. We can help you be compliant and confident in your numbers.

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Implementation of complex IFRS accounting

In modern capital markets, accounting and financial reporting are becoming increasingly complex. IFRS issues need to be anticipated in advance and resolved timely in order to preserve the value of the business and avoid regulatory sanctions. Let us help with that.

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Implementation of new IFRS

The emergence of new IFRS standards could significantly change how entities recognize, measure and disclose their revenues, expenses, assets and liabilities. We can help you implement new IFRS standards in your business.

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First-time adoption of IFRS

Transition from local GAAP to IFRS poses management with many challenges related to preparing the opening balance sheet at the date of the transition. We can help you make the transition a smooth one.

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