Looking for super-smart, reliable and flexible accounting professionals to advise on your IFRS accounting or reporting needs? Let’s get started.

If you are a company operating locally or across multiple EU countries, and are looking for a strong partnership with a firm that can help you navigate your accounting or reporting under either IFRS or local GAAP, we’d love to talk.

Our simple, 3-step process to begin working together will move your accounting and reporting needs forward quickly and efficiently.


We start with an exploratory meeting to discuss what brings you to us, and to evaluate the challenges, desired outcomes, and regulatory landscape of your particular business. Together we uncover opportunities and pinpoint where Yang Advisors can provide the most value.


Based on that fruitful conversation, we draft a contract that represents the scope of work we discussed, and maps out the landscape and timelines of our engagement, sets requirements, and outlines fees.


Once our agreement is in place, it is all engines go. We send an initial preparation list requesting all the information that we need to do the job, and set up bi-weekly progress reporting and feedback sharing sessions with you to communicate progress, share findings and recommendations, and provide and receive any feedback to ensure excellent results.

Ready to kick-off? Get in touch to set up a meeting.

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