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IFRS accounting and reporting done right

As new technologies and regulations cause disruptions in your business, having a trusted accounting partner to help you have confidence in your numbers and compliance is key.

Yang Advisors is boutique advisory with deep expertise in corporate accounting, specializing in IFRS accounting and reporting. We help IFRS-reporting companies across the European Union to manage accounting disruptions caused by new technologies and regulations, while giving companies confidence in their numbers.

We are a smart, nimble team that augments and extends the existing capabilities of your internal accounting and finance teams. As professionals with Big Four firm experience, we deliver the same quality expertise and services without the administrative havoc and bureaucracy of a larger firm. Our size enables us to forge close, meaningful relationships with our clients and move quickly on deliverables, while reducing the overhead and time-drag associated with bigger, less personal organizations.  

Unlike the Big Four firms, we meet you where you are: we do not ask you to alter your operations in order to fit our “standard template”.

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We are attuned to the accounting challenges facing a number of industries, including:

Consumer Markets

Commercial contracts in the retail and consumer industry are often uniquely tailored to the parties and the facts and circumstances of each arrangement. New IFRS standards require individual approach and have changed the accounting around such contracts.


Transportation and Logistics

Airlines, railways, shipping, trucking, and logistics businesses have seen tremendous change over the last decade – and changes to IFRS standards are driving bottom line changes.


Engineering and Construction

The new IFRS reporting guidance on leasing arrangements and revenue from contracts with customers have drastic implications for engineering and construction firms. Thankfully, we can help.



Innovative revenue models in tech have pushed amazing growth in this sector. Yet complexity in revenue models also means complexity in accounting.


Industrial Manufacturing

In industrial manufacturing, metals, chemicals, and paper and packaging entities, technological progress has created new accounting and reporting challenges. New IFRS standards have emerged in response to these changes bringing up new headaches related to altered timing of revenue recognition and lease classification.



Companies across the whole automotive industry spectrum – suppliers, dealers, manufacturers and their finance affiliates (primarily leasing companies), will be heavily affected by the new standards – IFRS 15 — Revenue from Contracts with Customers and IFRS 16 – Leases.


New IFRS accounting guidance and unique local GAAP across Europe demand significant knowledge and expertise. Implementing the guidance properly is a big effort for companies that consumes internal resources on all levels.

We provide this expertise and knowledge to companies operating locally or across multiple EU countries, and help companies gain confidence in their numbers through: 

Preparation of financial statements under IFRS and/or local GAAP 

More than 30 jurisdictions across Europe require IFRS standards for listed financial institutions or public interest entities (PIEs). Others are on the path to either full acceptance or – at the very least – dual compliance. We can help you be compliant and confident in your numbers.

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Implementation of complex IFRS accounting

In modern capital markets, accounting and financial reporting are becoming increasingly complex. IFRS issues need to be anticipated in advance and resolved timely in order to preserve the value of the business and avoid regulatory sanctions. Let us help with that.

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Implementation of new IFRS

The emergence of new IFRS standards could significantly change how entities recognize, measure and disclose their revenues, expenses, assets and liabilities. We can help you implement new IFRS standards in your business.

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First-time adoption of IFRS

Transition from local GAAP to IFRS poses management with many challenges related to preparing the opening balance sheet at the date of the transition. We can help you make the transition a smooth one.

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Our personable advisory offers peace of mind and custom-tailored approaches to solve your urgent IFRS and local GAAP reporting needs.